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Our Vision

We are instructed in scripture to be “salt” and “light” in a dark and decaying world Early and proper training of our children, of proper duration and in the right environment, is necessary in order to fulfill this mandate.

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Our children are God’s best gift to us… His generous legacy. This is one of the many reasons He commands us not to provoke them to anger, but to train them up in the way they should go, and bring them up in His discipline and instruction. Our response to God’s commands out of love and respect determines not only the quality of our lives, but our impact on society, as well as our legacy.

Clearly, because life flows from the spirit, the primary training intended by God is the spiritual education of our children. However, a spiritual education, no matter how good, if bereft of intellectual education, opens us to ridicule, marginalizes us, and makes us but bit players in the very world we are commissioned to reach, and “do business” in, until He returns.

Our Mission

To partner with the home and church to provide children an unparalleled quality education, resulting in wisdom, strength of character, life-long devotion, and adherence to God, and the fulfillment of their mission in life.

If we (home, church, and school) work well together, and do our job right, we can expect our children to:

  • accept and give their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour at a young age
  • discover their God-given assignments early, prepare adequately for it, and be well on their way to fulfilling it
  • be wise and strong beyond their years, and be steady, dependable, influential, and key contributors to society
  • be true to God for life
  • complete their assignment from God

This goal is definitely something to work towards, look forward to, and achieve.